Complete Control

Why expose your family to online predators, cyber-bullies, porn, drugs or other undesirable web content? Tired of the nightly battles of getting your kids off Facebook or online games? Stop the struggle and break the Internet addiction. You now have complete control.

Control When

And you thought time control was something that only comic book heroes could do?

With iHomeDefender, you have superhero powers to control Internet time, shut off Facebook, stop instant messaging – all without having to do a thing!

Control Where

You wouldn’t let you kid wander the city streets alone at night... why would you do so online? Now, you can set reasonable limits with your kids to regulate what web content is appropriate for them.

Control Who

Unlike anything else available today, iHomeDefender works on every device, regardless of who uses it. Parents can individualize control on an age-appropriate, per-child basis.

Everyone Wins

Help your kids get better grades by staying focused on what counts. Now you can control the internet on your terms!