iHomeDefender – Frequently Asked Questions

Age & Content Control Questions

Q) Will all my family members receive authentication page every time they try to access Internet through the iHomeDefender?

Yes, if a user has been created for any of your family members, they will be required to authenticate every time they try to access the Internet using the iHomeDefender. It is however possible to whitelist the device(s) in order to skip the authentication page but that would mean you would not be able to apply any parental controls or get user-based reports.

Q) Which websites will be accessible to children under 8 years old?

By default, the following list of websites is accessible to users under 8 years of age:
1. www.preschoolcoloringbook.com
2. www.learningplanet.com
3. www.kids.discovery.com
4. www.kids.nationalgeographic.com
5. www.kids.yahoo.com
You can always add any other appropriate websites, which you feel are safe for young children by calling IronGate Security Networks’ toll free number: 1-855-IRONGATE (855-476-6428) or send an email to support@irongatesecurity.net

Q) I’m receiving “Blocked Website” message when I try to access a particular web page through iHomeDefender. Is there any way one can allow access to the blocked website(s) from the authentication page?

iHomeDefender displays a “Block Website” message if it finds any content of specified websites inappropriate for an age group, or the website or the Web Category to which that website belongs has been blocked.
The error page reflects IHomeDefender’s Web categorization for the given URL, which helps users understand the reason why it was blocked. However, if you feel that the specified website is not potentially harmful, please contact our support by calling toll free: 1-855-IRONGATE (855-476-6428), or send an email to support@irongatesecurity.net

Q) I want my daughter to be allowed access to www.facebook.com but I do not want her to access other social networking websites. Is it possible?

Yes. iHomeDefender has the ability to allow or deny specific website, independent of user and/or general user controls. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Home account owners just need to call toll free: 1-855-IRONGATE (855-476-6428), or send an email to support@irongatesecurity.net

Q) What if one of my family members forgets their password?

In such a scenario, we will have to reset the password for your family member. This can be done quickly by calling IronGate Security Networks’ toll free number: 1-855-IRONGATE (855-476-6428) or send an email to support@irongatesecurity.net

Networking Questions

Q) How many computers or devices can be connected wirelessly to an iHomeDefender at the same time?

A maximum of twenty (20) devices can be wirelessly connected to an iHomeDefender at any instance.

Q) Internet access through my iHomeDefender appliance appears to have stopped. What should I do?

First, restart you cable or DSL modem. This can be done simply by unplugging it, wait for 2 minutes, and the re-plugging the power cord. If this does not appear to work, you may need to restart your iHomeDefender appliance. This can be done by pressing the “restart” button on the back of the appliance. If this still does not seem to fix the problem, please call IronGate Security Networks’ toll free number: 1-855-IRONGATE (855-476-6428).

Q) How can I wirelessly connect my laptop to the iHomeDefender?

To connect iHomeDefender wirelessly, you should have a wireless network adapter-enabled laptop. When your laptop starts, it will automatically detect the wireless network (also called SSID) named “IronGateSecurity.net####”. There will be four numbers that are unique to your device that will follow IronGateSecurity.net. Click the network icon in your machine's system tray (bottom-right of your screen) and select “IronGateSecurity.net####”. After selecting “IronGateSecurity.net####”, you will be asked to enter the exact Security/Pass Key printed on the sticker at the bottom of your appliance, or that has been emailed to you. This passkey will allow you and or your guests to connect to the IHomeDefender appliance over Wi-Fi.

Security Questions

Q) Does iHomeDefender protect my network from viruses, botnets and other forms of malicious software?

Yes, iHomeDefender provides built-in anti-virus and anti-malware capabilities that stops these types of threats before they hit any of your PCs, laptops or other devices.

Q) If iHomeDefender blocks viruses before they get to my PC, do I need to have anti-virus protection on my computer?

IronGate Security Networks stresses “defense-in-depth” best practices. Given that, having desktop or laptop antivirus is a good idea, and certainly advised if you take your laptop outside of your home network.

Q) Does iHomeDefender provide protection over both HTTP and HTTPS?

Yes, iHomeDefender provides protection over both HTTP and HTTPS. By default, scanning for both HTTP and HTTPS is enabled. Although, scanning for HTTPS can be disabled it is not recommended).

Q) What is the frequency of malware signature updates?

The iHomeDefender malware signature database automatically updates every 6 hours giving you constantly updated security protection.

Q) Does iHomeDefender prevent my network from Web as well email-based viruses? What happens when iHomeDefender encounters any virus?

Yes, iHomeDefender ensures clean Web and Email traffic. iHomeDefender scans all incoming and outgoing traffic over Web and Email.
In case of malware occurrence, iHomeDefender logs the malware and cleans it. You don’t have to do a thing!

Q) What does iHomeDefender offer under Intrusion Prevention System?

iHomeDefender’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a signature-based system, which performs following security checks to prevent your network from being hacked. It provides:

  • Protocol Anomaly Detection
  • Port Scan Prevention
  • Traffic Anomaly Detection
  • Web Protection

If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, please call IronGate Security Networks’ toll free number: 1-855-IRONGATE (855-476-6428) or use our Request More Information form.