SEATTLE – March 21, 2012 – IronGate Security Networks™, the industry’s first security as a service provider for the home, today announced that it filed a provisional patent application for its innovative method and breakthrough solution for remote management of multifunction firewalls that operate behind carrier provisioned cable or DSL modems. Furthermore, the company filed trademark registrations for its brand names, “IronGate Security Networks” and “iHomeDefender.” By doing so, the company builds upon its base of core trade secrets and bolsters its overall intellectual property assets.

“The consumer/home market presents unique and significant challenges for managed security service providers,” said Ron Brahy, Director, Web Systems at IronGate Security Networks. “In particular, to enable highly secure, remote management of multifunction firewalls in dynamic IP environments is not a trivial matter. We are excited to be the first in the industry to solve this problem.”

Unlike businesses that utilize static IP addresses for its internet connection, the average home consumer has a dynamic IP address, which changes periodically. To compound matters, the IronGate Security Networks’ solution, iHomeDefender™, operates as a remotely managed gateway appliance behind a cable or DSL modem provided by the customer’s ISP. They key, then is being able to maintain remote management connectivity with the iHomeDefender despite the changing IP address of the home where it is installed.

“Remote management of a device in a dynamic IP environment is like mailing a letter to someone, but their home address keeps changing every week,” adds Brahy. “Not only do we have to deliver the letter to the house, but we have to get past the front door to the right person inside.”

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About IronGate Security Networks, Inc.

IronGate Security Networks™ provides internet security for consumers who want business-class protection against hackers, identity thieves, and other sources of malware, spyware, viruses for all the devices in their home network, as well as in-depth parental controls for how their kids access the web, use social media, online games, chat and more, via the company’s iHomeDefender™ managed security solution.

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